How Do Newlyweds Afford Vacations?




The very first question that was ever submitted on our anonymous page, was this: How do newlyweds afford vacations. Isn’t social media great? We advertise our successes and our fun times (like newlywed vacations) and we hide away the hard and difficult times (like the whole first year of being newlyweds that is often times less than “bliss.”

Not only that-but we see people out there, having fun, and we compare our lives to them. Why can’t I afford that? Why don’t we do those things?

It wouldn’t make sense to ask the people we are friends with for tips (obvi.) so instead, we reign in our envy, and ask anonymously.

The majority of women who answered the question immediately went to one thing-debt. If people are having fun, they must have a lot of credit card debt, and they must be paying for their vacation all year long.

Do I agree with this? Sure. At least, to some degree. I think a lot of newlyweds make bad financial decisions when they are just starting out. A lot of them have extra cash from the wedding, and having two incomes to work with, and only one set of bills, can sometimes give people the feeling that they are invincible when it comes to money. Combine that with a little bit of naivety, poor money management skills and pressure to be the CUTEST couple on the internet, and its easy to put yourself in debt.

I honestly believe that so many newlyweds are trying to have what their parents have worked their entire lives for, immediately after marriage. This applies not just to vacations, but to homes, cars and jobs. We spend like we are established, but we aren’t. So yeah, I believe some people put themselves into excessive debt for vacations (and other luxuries.)

But don’t get too excited, or quick to point the finger. The fact of the matter is, some people are better at budgeting. They would rather save money and eat Ramen than eat out, and would rather drive an older, paid off car than to make a car payment. I have friends that would sell their left kidney before they went out to eat on a Tuesday night. They would rather spend their money elsewhere.

All that aside. Some people just make more money. They have less bills, or they make more sacrifices. They have chosen to stay out of debt, live in their means, and prioritize vacations. Some of them don’t have kids. They have two forms of income, no debt, no daycare and nothing tying them down. And that’s fine. I think being a newlywed would be one of the BEST times to travel. No extra expenses for kids, no need to find an extended babysitter and you aren’t limited to kid friendly destinations.

On top of that, some people are really good at finding deals. They use credit card points to travel, and watch for cheap flights all year long. Then when something comes available, they can jump on it.You can find some crazy good deals for around $1500 right now. I really like to use this site. For $125 a month-you can totally afford to take one long vacation a year.

Basically, if going on vacation is a priority-make it happen. Get a part time job, look at jobs that pay more, start sticking to a budget, or look for deals on vacations.

And if you go…take me with you.