We started the Wives Anonymous Facebook page in March 2015 because we saw a need. Every marriage has problems. Every woman needs advice. And sometimes, things can get a little embarrassing. We wanted to give women an outlet to ask for help, in a place where they felt free of judgment, prejudice, and fear.

We opened up an outlet for women to ask the hard questions-almost 4,000 of them to date, and in those answers, so many others found peace. In a world where so many people make their lives, marriages and families out to be perfect- we started to find some common ground.Sometimes it was rocky, sometimes it was sad, and other times it’s gotten a little weird. But it’s real. It’s raw. It’s life.

We are excited to bring those stories, questions, and struggles to a place where more people can benefit from them. So stay tuned. It’s about to get anonymous.